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We produce Branded Content for blogs, sites, Facebook, TV, radio and print media. We are experts in storytelling.


Our Projects

Our achievements: branded TV shows, native advertising on blogs, sponsored stories in print media and custom publishing.

Who We Are

About Us

We have expertize, affinities and a strong background of common projects. Our specialities are complementary. We are based in Romania.

Who We Are

About Us

We create teams on a project basis, recruiting from a pool of validated specialists. Among our contributors there are journalists or former journalists, writers, copywriters, video editors, DoP’s and still photographers well known on the Romanian market. Teams are efficient, cost-effective and conform to the projects’ specificities. Founders:

Călător +

Well-known on the Romanian Internet, she has seen more than 50 countries and worked for many of the  broadcasters in Romania and the Rep. of Moldova.

Ana-Maria Caia
producer, writer

Ana-Maria Caia can gather thousands of likes for her posts on She has an important TV portfolio, including Gheorghe – Antena 1, Bazar – TVR 2, Marfă – Realitatea TV, Cool Publika – Publika (Rep. of Moldova). She’s the host of the Radio France Internationale Romania travel show, which can be listened online here.

Consultant +

Expertized on all the media channels: print journalist, TV screenwriter & producer, blogger, book author.

Iulian Comanescu
Producer, editor, writer

He got into the content business in 1990, after communism’s fall. His multi-awarded media & communication blog can be seen at He wrote a book about communication, Cum să devii un Nimeni, released by the most reputable Romanian publishing house, Humanitas. He worked for Evenimentul zilei, Realitatea TV, Unica, Libertatea and many other important outlets. In 2006 he started his own consultancy & content on demand business, Comanescu. A columnist for the esteemed Dilema veche intellectual weekly.


Our Values

We come from content and we have lots of experience in content. We are not cheap, but very affordable compared to big outlets.


Our Values

Expertise & talent: our team is very experienced in terms of content. We’ve worked for innovative televisions, newspapers, magazines and sites, ranging from PRO TV (Romania) to Prime TV (Moldova), Evenimentul zilei, Libertatea, Unica, etc.

We are a business: We know how to interact with brands and their marcom representatives, we are ultra-responsive, we have a network of experienced contributors, creating top, trendy and attractive content. We have a 10 years entrepreneurial experience.

Prices: expensive or affordable? Compared to international agencies which provide branded content as a secondary offer, we are not only very affordable, but also expertised. Our prices are very different, according to the projects’ specificities. We’ve managed budgets ranging from several hundred to over 100,000 euros.

Case Studies & News


Our latest projects & case studies about branded content.

Possibly the first successful branded content story: The Michelin Guide

The oldest and most prominent restaurants guide in Europe, the Michelin, is also the first – or among the first – successful branded content stories. The guide was published in 1900 by the Michelin brothers, André and Édouard, who intended to arouse the demand for cars, and inherently for the car tires they were manufacturing.

The first editions included various maps and technical instructions for motorists. The guide started giving stars to restaurants after World War I, with the contribution of a team of inspectors they had hired for the publication. It was given away for free until 1920, when the Michelin brothers realized “man truly respects what he pays for” and started to charge for the guide.

In recent times, the Michelin guide expanded with various international or specialized editions, plus Internet spin-off’s. The sternness of the guide’s judgement of restaurants is famous; there are only several dozens restaurants in the World with a three-stars rating out of a total of almost 27,000 included in the various editions. After World War II, the authors of the guide decided to only award one or two stars for a while, due to the harsh economic conditions which couldn’t result in very good quality restaurants.

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